Why work at Flag 7?

We train people to be business rockstars, plain n’ simple.

This is not your ordinary job. We don’t wear suit and ties, and we don’t work 40 hours a week.

Everyone who works here is an entrepreneur, and good at their job. We don’t hire minor-league players anywhere, as that brings down the whole team’s batting average.

Here’s how we do things:

  1. Commuting sucks, so we’re 100% remote. Work where you’re comfy and can get stuff done.
  2. We pay above-average. Honestly, there’s no point in hiring anyone at an average rate, because we don’t want average people.
  3. 365 vacation days a year. If you can get your work done in 7 hours a week in Prague…go for it. We care about output, not status quo.
  4. You’ll learn more here in one month…than 12 months in corporate America. We move quick and think differently.
  5. Everyone owns a piece of the company. We all need incentives. We motivate with cash and equity.

Current openings!

We’re not hiring for any specific positions right now, but you can always email us anyways. Why should we hire you?