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Rob Gronkowski in the USA flag team for the 2028 Olympics

October 15th, 2023

Rob Gronkowski, the four-time Super Bowl winner revealed to TMZ his intention to compete for Team USA when flag football makes its Olympic debut in Los Angeles, California in 2028.

Gronkowski expressed his commitment, saying, “Count me in already!”

Rob walked away from the NFL for good in 2022. “But I’m in. I’m going for that if there is flag football in the Olympics in 2028. USA going all the way!”

Gronk will reach the age of 39 when the Olympics commence in Los Angeles. However, he believes that his meticulous post-retirement self-care has restored him to full physical condition, and he appears optimistic about maintaining this state when it’s time to engage in flag football.

“Hopefully there’s no tryouts and they just accept me,” said the former tight end.

We hope that too Gronk!