Flag Football

Flag Football

Flag football is a non-contact version of American football, offering the excitement of the sport without the physical impact. In this game, players wear flags that opponents attempt to pull instead of tackling. 

It provides a thrilling, fast-paced experience suitable for various age groups and skill levels. With a focus on agility, strategy, and teamwork, flag football emphasizes skillful plays and quick decision-making. 

  1. Non-Contact Variation: Flag football is a non-contact version of American football, eliminating the physical impact associated with tackling.
  2. Flag-Wearing Players: Participants wear flags, and the opposing team aims to remove these flags instead of tackling to simulate a “tackle.”
  3. Seven Players Per Team: Typically played with seven players on each team, creating a dynamic and fast-paced experience.
  4. Skill Emphasis: Focuses on skill, agility, and quick decision-making, providing an accessible option for players of different ages and skill levels.
  5. Reduced Risk of Injuries: The absence of tackling reduces the risk of injuries, making it a safer alternative, especially for recreational and amateur players.
  6. Adaptable Settings: Suited for various settings, from casual pick-up games to organized leagues and tournaments.
  7. Entertaining and Inclusive: Promotes an entertaining and inclusive atmosphere, fostering camaraderie and love for the game without sacrificing the excitement of football.

The absence of tackling reduces the risk of injuries, making it a popular choice for recreational leagues, schools, and community events. Whether played casually or competitively, flag football fosters camaraderie and a love for the game.

Top flag  football leagues and organizations:

  • NFL Flag Football: Organized by the National Football League (NFL), this program offers flag football opportunities for youth across the United States.
  • USFTL (United States Flag & Touch Football League): One of the largest and oldest flag football organizations in the United States, hosting national tournaments and leagues.
  • FFWCT (Flag Football World Championship Tour): Known for organizing national and international flag football tournaments, attracting teams from various regions.
  • NFL FLAG Championships: An annual tournament organized by the NFL for youth flag football teams, featuring regional and national competitions.
  • ISSA Flag Football: The International Seven-A-Side Association (ISSA) also includes flag football events in its portfolio.